Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Illnesses & Creating.

We've had sick kids here this week, two with colds & one with a tummy bug - it's that time of the year when all these nasty viruses haunt us. Then of course i had to get sick too, the tummy bug got me yesterday.........i have a phobia of gastro & spray Glen 20, wash my hands & disinfect like a woman possessed when it's in the house - but this time it failed! Anyway, starting to feel better today & want to share with you what i was up to before i got ill.

I bought this little dress from Cotton on Kids a while ago for only $2, (why oh why didn't i buy one in every colour?!) thought it would be good for Scarlett to mess around in next summer (got to love navy for girls), then i thought i could pretty it up a bit with some rolled fabric flowers. I sewed the yellow one on too low, so please excuse that - i will re-do it, i am just too lazy at the moment to take photos again.
The rolled fabric flowers are so easy & a lot of fun to do, here is a tutorial for them if you'd like to have a go yourself.

Also been creating some other goodies for a little something i've got coming up that i'm both excited & nervous about! When i'm feeling 100% i need to make a trip to buy more fabric - i've got a heck of a lot more sewing that needs to be done. But right now i need to try & restore my house (The Bloke did try, but there's only so much i can expect i guess!) & pray that no one else catches this darn bug.


  1. They look good. Are the flowers heavy on the dress? Sorry to hear you have been sick. xo

  2. hope you feel better soon. Those flowers are so cute. I'm going to try some 'knitted' flowers and jewellery this winter. Will post about it when/if they turn out OK.♥

  3. The dress is so cute, LOVE the flowers! Sorry to hear you all have been sick - must be going around, we had tummy bug last week and cold this week! Hope you feel better soon and can't wait to see what else you have been busy creating xx


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