Monday, March 28, 2011

Today i will....

: :  Attempt to vacum carrying a 13 month old who is scared of the vacum cleaner.
: :  Pray it doesn't rain before my washing dries.
: :  Clean the bathroom & toilet & mop floors
: :  Photograph the top i made last night for Scarlett
: :  Blow my nose a gazillion times (yep i caught their cold)
: :  Go through another battle with Amity getting more tests done on her
: :  Read the paper & flick through my new Jamie Oliver cookbook
: :  Toss some chicken & whatever else i can find into the slowcooker for dinner (no it's not a Jamie recipe)
: :  Fold & iron the washing & put it all away (then repeat the process tomorrow)
: :  Yawn my head off all day, after yet another sleepless night

I hope your day is a little more exciting than mine.  Happy Monday everyone.


  1. My day has begun with Miss Sianne falling and gaining a fat lip. But the sun is shining, perfect washing weather, and I'm lucky Sianne loves the vacuum cleaner. I hope your day surprises you and turns out nice. xo

  2. Hope you had some nice quiet time too today.


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