Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'll remember these days.

She empties all the jigsaw pieces out of their boxes, she bites me on the bum when i'm not expecting it, she's learning the art of 'tanty throwing', she pulls the bookmark out our books, she eats soap in the bathroom whilst i'm doing my hair, she wees on the carpet after almost every bath, she constantly pulls her arms out of her car seat straps, she empties her plate of food on the floor, she whacks her big brother over the head & pulls her big sister's hair, she carts dirty washing from the washing basket all over the house, she refuses to wear socks or her gumboots outside, she empties CD's & DVD'S from their covers........... oh she wears me out..............and one day i'll come back here & read this again & say 'o.m.g - i remember those days!' but gee we love her - love every little mischievous inch of her.


  1. Ohh this made me smile (and giggle) :) Scarlett and Lacie are SO much alike!
    Loving her outfit too xx

  2. i dream of the day i have a little lady of my own but i have also learnt to enjoy the time on my own before all that! i love how you've written about her, she seems cheeky but oh so lovable.


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