Friday, February 22, 2013

Tea with me.

Sorry, our cuppa is a day late this fortnight, yesterday i had one of those crazy-busy-in-and-out-all-day kinda days. Actually i've had one of those weeks.
As you know our little Scarlett turned three last week, we had a small party for her with some friends and family. She was just so delighted the whole day, her birthday had finally arrived and she loved every minute of it. As part of her gift we gave her a doctor's kit, so be warned - you'll be getting a full checkup by Dr Scarlett today.

The girls and i had a weekend to ourselves, we had another pretty party to go to and then after dinner we decided to soak up the gorgeous summer evening and drove to a nearby river reserve. Warm summer evenings are just the best.

We also spent a day hanging with one of my sisters and a nephew, we shopped and then decided to go sticky nose at display homes. Have you ever done that? It plants unrealistic dreams in my head but it's fun!

I'll have a little brag about Chas, boy am i proud of him right now. He was selected to represent his school in the local inter-school swimming sports on Tuesday, this was his first swimming carnival - his effort was awesome and yesterday he had his school swimming carnival. He is a natural swimmer and very disciplined, he now needs to decide if he would like to join a swim club.

I'll probably be hand stitching like a crazy woman while we chat - my sister-in-law and i are having a market stall tonight at a fundraising market to support locals who were recently affected by bushfires. I decided last minute to try making some felt bow hairclips..........what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by for the quick cuppa, was lovely chatting to you again, now i really must get organised! Pop over to Em's if you'd like another tea and chat. Don't forget to take another zucchini home with you x


  1. I think the bows are gorgeous, what a lovely idea, hope they all sell. I'm going to try pickling some zucchini this week, will let you know how that goes! Enjoyed my cuppa with you, thanks, see you again soon.

  2. Very pretty, I hope the stall went well for you all, especially as you've been fundraising for such a deserving cause. Congratulations to your little swimmer!

  3. I love those hair clips, they are too sweet. As is raising money for those affected by the fires!!
    I loved having a tea with you, thank you so much for joining me again!
    I can imagine Dr Scarlett too, my Amie turns 3 in July and already can't wait for her birthday! xxx


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