Monday, November 21, 2011

Some Makings.

Finally, i dusted off the sewing machine & got myself (begrudgingly) busy & made a little romper. This was an order i'd had for a while for an impending baby girl due to arrive in November, the customer originally wanted one that i'd made in a green fabric but it had sold & i didn't have enough fabric left to make another. In typical me-style, i left it right to the last minute.........due to my creative mojo going awol, due to not having any time & of course due to my usual on the last possible day for my deadline & being told "she's already had the baby", i got myself busy & found some other pretty fabric & whipped up this little number.

I was very proud of my efforts & thought it was adorable, so i rang my sister-in-law (who was organizing the sale) & told her i'd finally made it, but i didn't have enough of the green fabric so i used a floral instead.......then i hear "GASP!!!"  So it turns out the 'girl' was actually a BOY!  Oh dear. I didn't have any boyish fabric in my stash & i certainly didn't have enough time to whip up another one. It seems there was a little mis-communication......whoopsie. So what can one do? Laugh. And that's what we did. 
Hopefully someone else will like this little romper at our next Sadie Mae market stall on the weekend, i think it'll look gorgeous on a pretty baby girl.
Despite my wee error, i'm glad i got my butt into gear & did some making because i must admit, getting the  scissors out & the pins & playing with fabric may just have made my mojo come crawling back home (with it's tail between it's legs). So today i had the machine out again & stitched together some coloured paper hearts for a birthday party i'm busily preparing for on Friday. I'm happy with how these turned out & can't wait to display them.

And while i'm bragging - i've also been busy in the kitchen too & last week i actually made those lamingtons i'd planned.

These were yum, but a little on the dry side, so now i'm on a mission to find me the perfect lamington recipe - something light & fluffy & chocolatey...........cos lamingtons are my favourite. 
Now while my mojo is hanging about, i'm off to Pinterest to hunt down some inspiration for my next makings & then check my diary to schedule in some 'making time'.


  1. hahah! at least you spoke to your sister-in-law before sending it off to the new parents :) i LOVE the romper! you are very clever... i am too scared to try anything with buttons! haha! did you use a pattern?


  2. It's a vintage pattern i found at an oppy & i've used it lots - it also includes a cute little pinnie dress. It's a very quick & easy favourites! Buttons used to scare me too, but they are actually quite easy - just practice on some scrap fabric :-)

  3. ahhh you must share the deets of that romper pattern. stunning.... almost stunning enough for a boy?


  4. hiii....great blog Malea..I'll be stopping by more often :-)

  5. That romper is so cute. If I had a little munchkin I would absolutely buy it. Such a great vintage pattern. Melinda x

  6. That romper is divine! DI.VINE. As for those lamingtons, I'm meant to be detoxing. YUM! Kellie xx


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