Friday, January 27, 2012

C is for Jack.

So the other  night while i was whipping up this map covered C for Chas, he informs me he longer wants to be known as Chas. He is now Jack. So i tell him the C will be going in my room then & i will now be known as Colleen. Apparently only i can call him Chas, but only sometimes so that means the C can still be for his room.

It's been a while since i've played with paper &it was fun! I bought the C from a cheapo shop for a couple of bucks & found an old school atlas at an op-shop. I covered the C in mod podge then stuck on the maps, when the mod podge dried i sand papered the edges smooth. To finish i then coated the whole lot in mod podge. I'm not sure whether to cover the inside in map or not, what do you think?
I'm feeling very creative at the moment & have some delicious new fabrics to play with as soon as i have a bit of precious time.........

And here's my three little Aussies celebrating Australia day yesterday, we had a fun day - hope yours was great too! xxx


  1. What a funny little story. I think you should paint the inside black. It looks fantastic!

  2. Hi Colleen, hows Shirley?? you are so funny, love reading your blog always makes me laugh :) Maybe paint the inside white?? I have been creative lately too painting more canvases, can't wait to show you! I want to get some of those letters, which shop?

  3. Id Map the whole looks amaze balls b.t.w great idea

  4. I got them from the Warehouse Kath (Kristen, haha) i saw them before xmas & thought i'd go back oneday & get some for the kids, but when i went back last week they had hardly any left! So only C for my kids, but i'm pretty sure i saw some I's.
    Thanks for the suggestions ladies, i think i'll go with Kelly & map the whole lot...........if i can be bothered....

  5. hahaha! awesome story! and that letter does look fabulous!

    looking forward to seeing what you create with that fabric :)

    Kel x


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