Sunday, January 15, 2012


My 20 cent noritake opshop find. Yellow roses are my favourite.

A little activity we've started doing these school holidays is taking family drives to small towns near us - we then find the local park/s for the kids to explore & play on.......nothing like a new park when you're a kid. Then we search for an opshop & have a little treasure hunt (this is mum's favourite part). Unfortunately on our latest adventure we didn't find much, but i did find this very pretty Noritake saucer for a whopping 20 cents! And as a bonus, yellow roses are my favourites. I can't wait for our next adventure, in the meantime i'll be hanging out at Sophie's.......there's always lots of lovely treasures to be found there.


  1. Oh such a good idea Malea! When my little one is a little older little one I want to do that too. As much as I love op-shops here in Melbourne they can often be overpriced and void of good finds anyway. And I can imagine that there is nothing better than a new park for kids. x

  2. Oh this is sooo pretty. Ive been collecting yellow china recently too. Must be in the air. :-)
    I just found your pretty blog via Library Adventures. Having a lovely look around.

  3. I also just found her blog on Library Adventures. It's really lovely. I am following you now.

    xx Nicole

  4. What a pretty plate! I've been looking for yellow crockery lately, but no luck so far, so I'm jealous!


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