Sunday, January 8, 2012

What i am January.

A new year is here & oh my, these days are the best days of the whole year. The days i long for on cold winter mornings...............the hot weather, no school......just lazy, lazy summer days by the pool.
: : listening The very best of  Fleetwood Mac  - we know all the words now ;-)
: : cooking  pancakes this morning for our traditional sunday brekkie before i went to work
: : drinking west coast coolers, my summer beverage of choice. just call me 'bogan'
: : reading  Frankie Spaces - finally got my mitts on a copy.
: : watching Cloudstreet, the best novel to screen adaptation i have ever seen. Love it.
: : wanting  a little more time to get stuck into crochet school
: : pondering whether to get a new camera or just get the broken one fixed?
: : sewing nothing yet, but planning on making some pretty summery pj's for Scarlett.
: : wishing my hair wasn't so frizzy
: : enjoying the school holidays & lack of routine
: : waiting for our tomatoes to ripen......can't wait to pig out on some bruschetta. mmmm.
: : looking  forward to lots of summer arvos with the neighbours bbq-ing & swimming
: : liking the fact that we all just won an ipod shuffle each at work in an instore comp!
: : wondering is it possible to o.d on stone fruits?
: : loving these cruisey summer days. Need i say anymore?
: : hoping for a little op-shop road trip soon. i'm back in the mood for it.
: : believing i'm in need for a weekend off work.
: : wearing lots & lots of maxi dresses lately
: : considering a train trip to the big smoke this week with the two big kids
: :  knowing  your blog is going to be awesome Kristy ;-) can't wait!
: :  noticing vintage caravans are everywhere lately & i love them!
: :  thinking i'm going to just bite the bullet & get with the times & get an iphone.
: :  needing to make some space in my wardrobe, working in a clothing store does have it's downfall's sometimes!
: :  giggling everytime i think about when we chased one of our chooks  around the backyard because it  had  a dummy in it's mouth beak........i have another little giggle fit!
: : organizing some summer holiday activities for the kiddos
: : trying to get the ironing under control in this household - it's just not happening.
: : feeling sun kissed :-)

And so it seems this is my 100th post! Thanks to you all lovelies who have stuck around with me & left much appreciated comments, i have enjoyed sharing bits & pieces of my little life with you. x

And here is a little teaser of something special i'll be sharing with you in an up-coming post......


  1. I love these posts! And happy

  2. last year I had a west coast cooler fetish...this year on on to malibu and pineapple juice :-)..yes I am a 1980's bogan too

  3. I love reading your blogs, they make me giggle! keep it up.

  4. hey malea, love this post, such a great way to journal. will be great to look back in time to come. mind if i do the same? nice that you popped by to say hi:)

  5. Of course you can Claire, i really enjoy these posts & i'll be looking forward to reading yours!


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