Monday, January 23, 2012

From the Patch - Peas.

Oh my goodness there's nothing better than fresh peas straight from the garden! So sweet & yummy. Peas from our patch rarely make into our house............three little munckins go to The Patch when they're hungry & eat them fresh (and One Bloke!). But occasionally when no one is looking i'll sneak out & pick a handful & then smuggle them into the kitchen to make the yummiest salad ever. I saw Jamie Oliver making this on one of his very first cooking shows (back in the early days of lusting after him), it is so simple & soooooo good. Do yourself a favour - try it.

Baby Spinach, Fresh Pea & Fetta Salad.

2 large handfuls baby spinach
1 large handful fresh peas
firm fetta cheese
Blanch the peas in boiling water. Allow peas to cool & toss with the spinach. Crumble fetta over the top, then dress with olive oil & white wine vinegar or lemon juice.

This recipe may seem a tad vague, but really it's that simple you don't even need a recipe - just toss the ingredients together. I prefer to use an Australian fetta, i've tried a Danish one before & found it smooshed too much, so a firmer one works better. Thanks Jamie - you're an inspiration in my kitchen! (And yes i'm still lusting after you..........)


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