Friday, January 13, 2012

A good day.

Today was a good day - a carefree, easy breezy day! We are one child down (thanks nan & pa), so the rest of us headed to the local shopping centre. The Bloke & one child headed to the movies, so that left me & the remaining brat child to do a spot of shopping. And what a good day for shopping it was.....

Kitchen plant

I've wanted a nice little indoor plant for the kitchen for a while now & today i finally remembered to get one. I think he'll be happy here, enjoying the dregs from the kids water bottles.

Oh dear.....what to make first ?!

And this!!! Oh my dear, i have been lusting after this book for a while now, so was very pleasantly surprised when i found it in a country town bookstore! This has stacks of beautiful patterns for sewing girl's clothes from sizes 2 - 10, so i imagine i will get lots of use from this book over the years & *may* never need to buy any patterns again. If you have girls (Kelly!), i highly recommend this gorgeous book. Only problem now is, i'll have to buy some fabric & then decide what to make first...........sigh.
I also bought some pearl paints for some arty fun for Amity, cute little deer t-shirt for Scarlett & an iphone cover for mumma. Gee i despise shopping....... (can you detect the sarcasm tonight?)

Then this arvo, we kidnapped our little next door neighbour & went for a walk along some country roads.


We returned our neighbour & hung out at his place for a while & then i had to get myself off to work for the dreaded late-night-shopping shift. And now i'm ready to hit the sack & drool over my new book. Hope your day was as easy breezy as mine!


  1. saw my name ...:-))))). I have a small collection of those Japanese books...I went crazy and ordered them online a year or so ago, cutting out the pattern you want is a little tricky as you know it's all on one page and looks like something a two year old has drawn, but once you figure it out....the clothes are adorable....
    Hmmm I need to get those books out again and start sewing, it was one of my resolutions to use patterns more...

  2. i really need to get some more plants for inside... i seem to end up killing them all!

    that little pattern book looks gorgeous! keep us posted on your creations!

    Kel x


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