Saturday, January 21, 2012

Instagram..............Instant Addiction.

I downloaded the Instagram app onto my phone the day i bought it & became instantly addicted. I love being able to take photos anytime, anywhere & editing them instantly & then sharing them. I love seeing new photos in my feed of people who i follow - especially their 'photo a day' photos & their interpretations on the daily theme.
Scenic drives are the best
A scenic drive with my sister.

Yes please

I guess it's a good 'sign' they've been in business for a long time?

Prettiest church ever

Prettiest little church ever.

Peeling at the boys next door through a hole in the fence

My little Scarlett peeking at the boys next door through a hole in the fence.

If you're on Instagram you'll find me under Franklymydear_malea, & i'd love to see your photos too -  if not download the app & join the addiction!

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  1. isn't it awesome!!! i'll have to look you up :) i am on there as 'kelliebenard'

    Kel x


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