Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Proud Mumma.

So proud of these two right now. They have settled into school beautifully & are both really enjoying it. Amity received a Star of the Week award at assembly on monday, she is one of the first in her grade to do so. What a lovely surprise that was! She is loving learning all the letters & is looking foward to bringing home readers.
We just had parent-teacher interview with Chas' teacher today & we are so pleased with him! She said he is a 'smart little cookie' & a very popular boy among his peers, he's reading very well & his maths is amazing (definitely got the math gene from his dad). So wonderful to hear it. The thing is though, he doesn't realize how clever he is  - so it certainly doesn't go to his head. Only his mum's! haha.
And little Scarlett, her new trick is pointing at everything & asking "dat"? Which we all think is pretty clever too! So tonight we took them out for a celebratory dinner, which is something we never do, however we were once again very proud of their fantastic behaviour.

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