Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She's one!

My baby girl turns one today. Oh how quickly did that year go! It honestly only feels like a couple of months ago that we were sitting in the maternity ward gazing at our little dark haired girl. Those who know us, know that we weren't planning on any more children........but little Scarlett had other plans. And what a lovely surprise she was. Her pregnancy was my worst & her birth was my longest & hardest too - but oh my, i'll never forget the moment i first laid my eyes on her - i was on cloud nine! She has brought so much love & happiness into our lives, it has been wonderful to watch Scarlett grow & develop through Chas & Amity's eyes - they just adore her so much. And i must say, it has also been nice to hear people say how much she looks like me - the other two are very much like their dad. So Happy Birthday Munchky.....we all love you so much xxx

P.S Isn't the quilt beautiful? My mum makes one for each of her grandchildren for their first birthday. I love the colours in Scarlett's - it's such a wonderful keepsake for her.


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