Friday, February 18, 2011

Where we're at.

Trying to get back into the swing of things here with both kids back at school, we are so not good with routine, we are actually a very spontaneous family. Amity has just started prep & is really enjoying it - she comes home & plays 'schools' everyday, it's quite funny to watch (i now know who all the naughty kids in her class are!). Oh that girl has an imagination! Chas has also settled into grade one nicely, which is a relief because last year he had a hard time settling in. His teacher is so lovely, she's such a nanna - but a very trendy nanna - i love seeing her daily outfits, she has style! As you know Scarlett has just turned one, the poor little thing has been very miserable lately & just wants mummy cuddles. She came down with a cold the day before her birthday & i'm also suspecting another toothy might be cutting. She has an intolerance to bananas, which i'd never heard of until she got extremely sick after eating them. On her last visit to the Health Centre the nurse told me to wait until she's 12 months then give her a tiny piece of banana to check her reaction (apparently she'll probably grow out of it), well i did that yesterday & oh my - never again! The poor thing vomited violently for 2 1/2 hours!! It was her worst reaction yet & it was the least banana she's eaten. Has anybody else had an experience with this kind of thing?
And me? I've become addicted to how much fun is it? I must admit i've been 'pinning' away like a woman obsessed (and in the process spending waaaay too much time on the computer!) 
And just because, here's a little scene from one of our walks - Scarlett loves them, it's one of the only times i never hear a sound out of her. So peaceful. Hope you've had a lovely week & a fun filled weekend. x


  1. India is exactly the same...I never see her because every spare second she has she is playing schools, sounds funny listening to her pretending to be her teacher and the kids that always get a mention! they would go well together.
    Poor little Scarlett. x

  2. Love the view on your walk. Know immediately you're in Australia. It's the colour of the whole photo that gives it away and the familiar primitive rusty corrugated shed of course.
    Any wonder she relaxes: beautiful warm comforting colours, beautiful smells and that beautiful sense of time, home and familiarity.


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