Sunday, February 13, 2011


Here are some more of my finds from a recent op shop trip........

This has three very cute wooden vintage kids puzzles inside.

And a few more of these embroidered thingys (what are they called - i can't think of it right now?!) I love these & can never resist buying them. I have quite a few of them stashed away, don't know what i'll ever do with them all though!

Pop over to see what Sophie & others have found this week at Her Library Adventures! Hope you all have a lovely week.


  1. saw someone had made some gorgeous bunting from the 'embroidered thingys' and also, check out the little baby shoes ala tiny happy from Pip Lincolne's first book "Meet me at Mikes". Use as fabric for upper (if you can bear to cut'emup)

  2. Think your 'embroidered thingies' are tray cloths - at least that's what they're called here. The old dears round my way seem to be hanging on to them - I never find any!

  3. The table runners/dresser scarves -- they're an addiction! Pretty!

  4. oh what lovely finds! i do love a good day at the op shops :)

    kel x


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