Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School holiday fun.

I love the school holidays, i really enjoy the lack of routine and the carefree time we have. I have, however found that as the kids are getting older i need to keep them busy or they become bored very quickly. One thing i had promised them to do was to go to Melbourne and visit the museum, this had been something i had intended to do for the last few years. So yesterday the two big kids and i finally boarded a train bound for the city.....
Train trip

Melbourne museum
Butterflies at museum
Lots to see and do!
Melbourne museum
The museum was pretty awesome, i just went with the flow and let the kids look at whatever they liked and just followed them as they ran from display to display. And of course, there was the few occassions when they went in opposite directions and i lost them for a little while.......whoops! After the museum we headed to the Treasury Gardens - what a beautiful place! Captain Cook's cottage, the fairy tree, The mini Tudor Village & the pretty, pretty Conservatory garden.

Cook's cottage
Conservatory at treasury gardens
Fairy tree
We had a good cheap day out & arrived home a little weary! I think we will definitely make it a tradtition to take a train trip to the city every school holidays, it's a whole other world to my country bumpkin kids!


  1. I never knew there was a fairy tree....I sssoooooo have to take the girls....

  2. wow that looks like it was so much fun! i love the butterfly display


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