Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where have you been all my life?!

Yesterday i went & i got myself a new little piece of technology........an iphone 4S. Oh my goodness, i love, love, love it! My last phone had well & truly had it, i got it when Amity was a baby, so it was six years old & in mobile phone years that's vintage!  The thing is, i'm a little scared of anything new & i knew how to use my phone so well, i didn't want to learn on a different one - but too be honest i was getting a tad embarrassed taking it out of my bag to answer a call, lol! So i finally bit the bullet & went & got myself an iphone. It is surprisingly easy to use & i'm loving the fact that i no longer need to cart around a camera, notepad, street directory, calculator, compass (?!)...............i'm a bit behind the times aren't i? I'm also loving the apps - favourites so far: instagram, facebook & doodle find & the kids have already added a few too. So what apps does anyone recommend? I'd love to know what your favourites are. Here is an Instagram photo for you, my littlest snuggle bum, straight out of the bath & ready for nigh nigh .

Ready for bed


  1. Hi Scarlett girl!!!! Gorgeous photo. One day I will step into the modern world and update my old digital nokia...yes I still use a digital mobile. It has been a great old phone and will not die.

  2. hooray for you and your iphone! they are totally not overrated! i love mine :) have fun discovering all the new things you can do!

    kel xx

    p.s - gorgeous photo!

  3. Lol....damn it..if you can do it, so can I. Johnny wanted to get me one for my birthday, and I told him not to...I hate getting to know new technology...maybe it's time ;-))))

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  5. Do it Kelly & Joanne, do it!! Best thing i ever got.......you'll never look back. And then when you do, you must get instagram - it's awesome :-)


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